March 2017 Board Actions

On March 17, 2017, the CDS Board of Directors approved the following actions:

  • the Chicago Dental Society endorse a class action lawsuit against Delta Dental and/or the state of Illinois for nonpayment to Illinois dentists, and that a letter be sent to ISDS suggesting they pursue such action with the endorsement of CDS.
  • staff continue to investigate other potential sites as to the availability of ballrooms and suites to serve as the CDS Midwinter Meeting headquarters property for future years.  
    staff prepare an Action List spreadsheet, in anticipation of each officer’s upcoming year and to clarify when each item of responsibility is due.
  • the CDS Treasurer-elect begin receiving email transmissions of all board activity immediately following their nomination on Coalition Night and after signing a Statement of Confidentiality.
  • staff investigate other vendor options for purchasing of CDS signature green uniform jackets.  
  • To rename the Board Undesignated Account the “Growth and Development Fund.”
    staff explore through the ADA Division of Conference Services the CDS headquarters hotel during the 2018 ADA Annual Session.
  • To place a single page ad for the Chicago Dental Society in the 2017 Official Yearbook of the Chicago Cubs at a cost of $17,500.
  • To change the official office hours to 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and to include Martin Luther King Jr. Day as an additional paid holiday.